Trooper And Strangers Save Man's Life After He Suffers Heart Attack On the Road (Video)

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A quick-thinking Iowa state trooper may have saved a man’s life after the man had a heart attack while driving on the interstate highway.

Trooper Tracy Bohlen noticed something strange while driving through Interstate 35 in Des Moines. He saw a truck slowing down and thought there might have been some sort of domestic dispute inside the vehicle.

Bohlen stopped his car and approached the vehicle (video below).

“I had my hand on my gun. I didn’t know what — you know — you gotta go in thinking the worst,” Bohlen told KCCI. “And here’s this young man, 15 years old, yelling at me saying his dad’s having a heart attack.So many reflections go through your head and you definitely would do anything to save a man's life.”

The entire incident was captured by the trooper’s dash-cam. Bohlen took the man, later identified as Patrick Roark, out of the truck and immediately began applying chest compressions in the middle of the interstate.

After about 50 seconds, Bohlen was able to get a pulse. Roark was breathing within the minute, KCCI reported.

Several passersby stopped to help out, including Jane McCurdy, a nurse. She drove Roark and his son, Eli, to Mercy Medical Center. Another stranger drove the Roarks' truck to the hospital for them.

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“I never went into nursing to make a million, I just meant to make a difference and I was just blessed to be able to do that,” McCurdy said.

McCurdy waited with them until family members arrived from Oklahoma. She even went to the pharmacy for them and helped them get settled at a downtown hotel.

“For someone just to take their whole day for a stranger, I mean, that’s who we are,” Bohlen said. “That’s Iowa.”

Roark told KCCI he is still waiting for test results and doctors have not confirmed if he had a seizure. They described it as some sort of heart episode.

Sources: KCCI, Diply

Photo Credit: Screenshot From YouTube


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