Troll Who Threatened To Rape British Politician If Jane Austen Appears On £10 Note Says He’s A Feminist


A British man who threatened to rape British Labour MP Stella Creasy on Twitter was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison.

Creasy supported a bid by feminist Caroline Criado-Perez to keep a female on British banknotes - specifically 18th century Romance novelist Jane Austen on the £10 note.

That’s when Peter Nunn, 33, began what prosecutors called a “campaign of hatred” on social media.

Nunn, of Bristol, was found guilty of sending a grossly offensive message to Creasy that was of an indecent, obscene or menacing character, although he argued in court that he himself is a “feminist” and denied using Twitter to advocate rape and violence.

Nunn retweeted a threatening message to Creasy that said: “You better watch your back, I'm going to rape your a**e at 8pm and put the video all over.”

“Best way to rape a witch, try and drown her first then just when she's gagging for air that's when you enter,” he said in another message.

“If you can't threaten to rape a celebrity, what is the point in having them?” he wrote later that evening.

He responded to a menacing message from another Twitter user who threatened to rape Creasy, saying, “Go get her, eat the meat!”

Creasy denied sending the messages and said his statement were an exercise in free speech and an attempt to “satirize” online trolling.

Convicted earlier this month by the City of London Magistrates’ Court, Nunn was jailed Monday.

District Judge Elizabeth Roscoe imposed a restraining order banning him from contact with Creasy or Criado-Perez.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Guardian

Image credit: Flickr Credit Commons / Freddie Phillips, PA / The Guardian


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