A Week Before Alleged Murders, Suspect With Horn Implants Goes To Home Depot, Asks About Saws

A Massachusetts man charged with killing and dismembering three people allegedly walked into a Pittsfield Home Depot a week before the murders and asked an employee where he could find the saws.

Caius Veiovis, 34, who has horn implants on his forehead and “666” tattooed on his face, was charged with kidnapping, murder and witness intimidation related to a 2011 triple homicide.

A Home Depot employee, William Gregory, told the jury Tuesday that Veiovis and another man, Eric Fox, came into the store on August 24, 2011. He says they asked him where the saws were and the pair visited an aisle where wrenches are sold before moving to an aisle containing handsaws, hatchets and hammers, the Daily Mail reported.

Gregory testified that he saw Fox pick up a hatchet and pretend to chop something.

A week later, Veiovis, Adam Lee Hall and David Chalue allegedly kidnapped, tortured, killed and dismembered three men: David Glasser, Edward Frampton and Robert Chadwell, according to prosecutors.

Veiovis pleaded not guilty to the charges.

His attorney James Reardon told the court Tuesday that Veiovis had gone to Home Deport only to buy a tool for his Jeep.

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Daily News

Image credit: Berkshire County District Attorney’s Office


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