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Tree Trimmer Shooting Victim Angelo Williams Speaks Out, Forgives Shooter

One of the victims from last week’s North Carolina tree trimmer shooting spoke to the local media today.

Angelo Williams was one of two tree workers shot by 82-year-old man John Jenkins last week. Jenkins shot Williams and his co-worker Brian Holden while they were cutting down trees in a nearby neighborhood. Williams was hit in the face and lost his right eye. Holden was hit in the abdomen.

Police reported that Jenkins tried to shoot two other workers but missed them. He was using a shotgun.

Jenkins is a Korean War Veteran suffering from dementia. Police say they have dealt with Jenkins in the past.

Despite being shot and losing an eye, Williams sounds surprisingly forgiving towards Jenkins.

“We're all human, we all make mistakes. Sometimes we take our mistakes too far or our anger too far,” he said.

Williams then recounted how the shooting unfolded.

"I was about 20 yards away from him, so I was looking into the barrel of the gun and I looked into his eyes, and he told me "you better not run" and before he could get it out of his mouth, he shot me.

"I said to myself did he really just shoot me? And I could feel it was burning. It was a burning sensation where my eye was and in my forehead."

Williams grabbed a towel to slow the bleeding from his face. A witness saw Williams and rushed him to the hospital. He is now at home recovering.

Williams told police he had never seen Jenkins before the shooting. Jenkins has been charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. 

Source: WITN


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