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Trayvon Martin Trial Jurors Will Hear Of Teen’s Marijuana Use

Jurors in the Trayvon Martin trial will learn that he had marijuana in his system during his encounter with George Zimmerman, paving the way for defense attorneys to argue that the drug might have affected the teen’s behavior on the night of his death. Judge Debra Nelson denied a motion by prosecutors to keep the jury from seeing toxicology results showing that Martin had THC in his system. Zimmerman's attorney, Don West, noted that his client made a statement saying that the person he was observing on the night of the attack Martin was “on drugs.”

Nelson’s ruling comes during a critical part of the trial. On Friday, the mothers of both Zimmerman and Martin testified that it was their son doing the screaming in the Feb. 26, 2012, 911 call made to Sanford, Fla., police. It is a crucial matter because Zimmerman’s defense is based off of his claim that he shot Martin, 17, in self-defense. Many of Zimmerman's friends also said that they recognized the neighborhood watch volunteer's voice on the tape.

Martin’s father, Tracy, said he recognized his son’s voice on the recording, but only after he heard it several times, Fox News reported. Lead defense attorney Mark O'Mara called Tracy to the stand to testify about the matter.

"After listening to the tape for, maybe 20 times, I said I knew that it was Trayvon's voice," Tracy said. The elder Martin called his son his “best friend in life," and said the boy's death turned his world "upside down."

Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda spoke to Tracy during cross-examination.

“This was a very emotional time for you,” de la Rionda said. “You listened to the recording … and you pulled your chair back in disbelief. You realized that was the shot…”

“That killed my son, yes,” Tracy said.

Sources: Fox News, Los Angeles Times 


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