Travis Lekas Accused of Drugged, Pimping 15-Year-Old Classmate (Video)

Travis Lekas, 17, has been arrested for allegedly giving a 15-year-old female classmate drugs and alcohol, and then forcing her to have sex with men for money and drugs (video below).

According to the Dallas Morning News, Lekas was charged with human trafficking of a minor, compelling prostitution and sexual performance by a child in connection with a crime.

Jennifer Stephens, a social worker who lived with Lekas for one year, told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth on Tuesday that the claims were false.

“Was she forced to sell her body? No. She was already doing it,” said Stephens. “Her parents know it. That’s why they threatened to put her in Juvenile [Hall] and that’s why she lied.”

Lekas’ grandmother, Blanca Cameron, said that the 15-year-old girl’s allegations were “lies, lies, lies” caused by an unrequited crush.

Sources: Dallas Morning News and NBC Dallas-Fort Worth


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