Travis Alexander's Siblings Tearfully Recall Him in Front of Jodi Arias (Video)

Travis Alexander’s brother and sister wept in court today as they recalled how the murder of their brother by Jodi Arias “destroyed” their family, notes Mediaite.com (video below).

“Travis was our strength, our constant beacon of hope, our motivation and his presence has been ripped from our lives” said Samantha Alexander.

Samantha recalled how she and her seven siblings lost their father and mother when Travis was 20 years old.

“He was so brutally ripped out of this world, My world.” Steven Alexander (pictured) said in front of Arias. "Hopefully one day, I can make him proud."

Arias appeared to be medicated as she watched the Alexander siblings describe how her murder of Travis devastated the family. Her case is currently in the penalty phase to determine her prison or death sentence.

Source: Mediaite.com


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