Traveling Nurse Claims TSA Agents Stole Her Gun at Airport (Video)

A traveling nurse who calls herself the "The Patriot Nurse" claims that her gun, which was secured in her checked-in luggage, was recently stolen by TSA agents or baggage handlers at one of three airports on a recent trip.

In a video (below), posted on YouTube and her web site, she claimed that someone had cut the locks securing her weapon within her luggage and removed the gun.

The Patriot Nurse travels the country teaching medical preparedness for a "long-term disaster scenario," which she doesn't describe.

"In today's segment, we are going to discuss what to do when the TSA steals your gun," the Patriot Nurse starts off on the video.

“As you can tell by my tone, this is hitting close to home, because while I was out traveling and teaching medical preparedness... my weapon was stolen, basically. Either the TSA or the baggage handlers at a choice of three airports. They took my weapon, and it was not in an official capacity, it was stolen."

"I am fully TSA compliant. the weapon was in a locked hard-sided case in the baggage. The lock was not a TSA lock. Then there was a second TSA compliant lock on the outside of the baggage case," she explained.

“… Whenever you’re traveling through the airport, you need to be cognizant that they’re gonna go through your bags and it doesn’t necessarily matter if you’ve locked it or not. They cut the lock off, whoever it was that stole my weapon cut the lock off of my bag,” warned the Patriot Nurse.

Source: ThePatriotNurse.com


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