Traveler Posts Picture Of Disappointing Airport Meal -- And For Good Reason (Photo)

A traveler, so upset by a skippy sandwich he claims to have received at Scotland’s Edinburgh Airport, took to social media recently to post a picture and complain about the meal.

“This is what a £3.20 bacon and egg roll from Edinburgh Airport looks like,” the anonymous traveler wrote, according to the Daily Mail. 

The comment accompanied a picture of the sandwich that cost the equivalent of about $5. The photo and the comment were originally posted to Reddit on Monday by a user identified only as spambox. 

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The sandwich appears to have consisted of an English muffin, a small fold of bacon, and a piece of egg white with a barely discernible indication of yellow yolk. 

“The yolk actually looks like it's been painted on,” wrote Reddit user TheScarletPimpernel.

Spambox indicated the sandwich was purchased at EAT, which is a “small British family-owned group of sandwich, soup and coffee shops dedicated to quality food,” according to the Edinburgh Airport website. 

“The part that made it worse was that they told me to take a seat and they'd bring it over,” spambox wrote. “The only empty table was clearly empty because it hadn't been cleaned for what appeared to be weeks and then after 15 minutes I had to go back and ask where my roll was which they had totally forgotten about.”

Some Reddit users took the opportunity to crack jokes about the traveler’s misfortune.

“What are they using, hummingbird eggs :-),” wrote user machineman999.

“Wren's eggs ain't cheap!” joked Robert-Cannelin.

Other users offered advice for alternative eateries.

“In future, ask Snax for a take away - enjoy a f***ing amazing roll for less. Even cold, it would be better than this s**te,” wrote user CyclingPunk. 

But others expressed surprise at someone having received a bad meal from EAT.

“That sucks, there's an Eat here in Leicester and it's been pretty consistently great quality,” user thenagainmaybenot noted.

An Edinburgh Airport spokesman said airport management would discuss the incident with EAT.

“We work closely with all of our food and beverage providers to ensure we offer customers the best choice of refreshments and service,” the spokesman said, according to the Daily Mail. “Sadly on this occasion we fell below the mark and offer our apologies to this customer.”

EAT reportedly did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Mail.

Sources: Daily Mail, Reddit, Edinburgh Airport

Photo Credit: Reddit, WikiCommons


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