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Transgender Women Attacked on Atlanta Train by Men (Video)

Two transgender women were attacked by a group of men on a Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) train on May 20.

A video (below) filmed by a passenger shows the two transgender women exchanging words with the men. That soon escalates into an assault when one of the men kicks one of the transgender women.

A longer, uncensored version of the video uploaded to shows the men pulling off the clothing of one of the transgender women in the wild brawl.

The transgender women claim the men started yelling at them on a train platform and followed them into the train.

“[They] just kept of asking us was we real,” Janell Crosby told WSBTV. “Like really trying to get us. ‘Are you real?’ 'Are y’all this or that?’ Just trying to embarrass us.”

“I really didn’t want to fight, but he just kicked me and tried to make a big scene,” added Crosby.

"They were trying to find out if we are men or women,” added Tyra Woods. “I shouldn’t have to disclose who I am to an innocent person who I’m not even interested in talking to.”

“It’s all over the internet and like, I’m naked. I felt like since it was in a public transportation, we should’ve felt like we should’ve been secure.”

MARTA officials say they were not aware of the assault until last Friday when Young called them.

"We have since tried to interview some of those involved, including the victims, and they have not been cooperative. We couldn't find anyone that night," said a MARTA spokesperson.

However, Crosby told, "I told one cop who was following us to the gate. He acted like he didn’t want to hear from us. He didn’t write any statement or anything."

"That does not appear to be true. We have no reason to believe that was the case," countered the MARTA spokesperson.

Yesterday, MARTA police arrested Luther Thomas and charged him with disorderly conduct for his alleged role in the assault, reports

MARTA police officers are still investigating the incident.

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