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Transgender Woman At Center Of Planet Fitness Controversy Defends Right To Use Female Bathroom

The woman who is at the center of controversy after a Michigan Planet Fitness member complained that she had used the female locker room because she’s transgender is speaking out.

Last week, we reported on the Michigan woman who lost her Planet Fitness membership when she complained to employees about a transgender woman using the female locker room.

“I was stunned and shocked,” Yvette Cormier told WNEM of seeing the transgender woman in the locker room. “He looked like a man ... He did not look like a woman.”

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(Yvette Cormier)

When Cormier told employees about the transgender woman, they informed her that the woman could use the female locker room if she identified as a female. When Cormier took her plight to corporate, she had her membership revoked for violating their no judgment policy.

Now, Carlotta Sklodowska, the transgender woman at the center of controversy, says she was only at the gym as the guest of a friend that day and had used the locker room twice – once to store her belongings, and a second time to retrieve them.

“I'm not actually a member," Sklodowska told Michigan Live. "I was there as a guest of one of my friends.”

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(Carlotta Sklodowska)

Sklodowska says she can understand why Cormier believed she looked like a man, as many of her features are still masculine, but she says she uses the female bathroom all the time in public places and has never encountered an issue.

Sklodowska claims that she’s probably the only transgender woman in the Midland area of Michigan, but despite this recent controversy, she has a supportive group of friends that don’t judge her.

Sources: Daily Mail, Michigan Live / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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