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Transgender Woman Assaults Girl In Home Bathroom

Transgender Woman Assaults Girl In Home Bathroom Promo Image

On Oct. 18, a transgender woman from Wyoming was found guilty of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl in a bathroom.

Michelle Martinez -- known as Miguel before identifying as a female -- was convicted of first- and second-degree sexual abuse, reports Casper Star-Tribune

She could face up to 70 years in prison and will be sentenced at a later date.

The child told authorities that Martinez, a family friend, took her to a bathroom at a residence before touching and then penetrating her, reports the Daily Mail.

"It hurt inside," the girl said, adding she thinks Martinez should go to jail.

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Wyoming Medical Center nurses found evidence of sexual assault, such as abrasions and redness, on the girl's genitals.

Police say they later found Martinez passed out and intoxicated at home, with a blood alcohol concentration of .218 -- almost three times the legal limit to drive.

When questioned about the assault, Martinez accused the child of pulling a "publicity stunt" and lying.

News of the conviction outraged many online.

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"Should be jailed for the rest of his life, I really don't understand what goes on in people's minds to hurt a child," wrote one person in the Daily Mail's comments section.

Others said this is the reason transgender people should not be allowed in the bathrooms of their choice, even though the assault happened in a private home.

"Yep, what we all fear with the gender bathroom debate," commented a second. "It's not as much of an issue with trans women entering Men's restrooms but vice versa."

Some went so far as to say there should be separate bathrooms for transgender individuals and minors.

"This is the exact reason there should be separate bathrooms for these people," wrote another. "Children should just not be exposed/accessible to them in ANY WAY whatsoever!"

"My own son was molested by a dirty old man in a restaurant bathroom 3 years ago," commented a parent. "I have been fighting with lawmakers in my state and at the federal level to require all businesses to install a 3rd and 4th bathroom for male and female minors under the age of 14."

Others argued against such sentiments.

"Good job fomenting transgender paranoia and hate among the ignorant," contended one. "You should ashamed. Clearly an isolated incident."

"Eerm it was not a public bathroom .. the bathroom was in a house…" pointed out another.

"This is not a transgender," said a third. "This is a predator pretending to be a transgender in order to prey on victims. He (and it is a he, make no mistake) will find his justice inside."

Sources: Casper Star-Tribune, Daily Mail / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: AxelBoldt/Wikimedia Commons, Marixa Amir Andrade/Flickr

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