Transgender Teen Returns To School (Photos)

A transgender teen returned to school after summer break as a girl, modeling herself after Kim Kardashian.

Kairah Kelly, 15, was born a boy named Tyler. Up until last school year, that's how her classmates and teachers knew her. Then, when returning to school this September, she surprised her peers and teachers when she arrived for the first day transformed into who she felt she was.

Kairah says she has always struggled with her identity, reports Closer.

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"I felt really strange and different," Kairah told the Daily Mail. "I'd look in the mirror and the person I saw was a stranger. I'd imagine myself in skirts and dresses when I was as young as 8 years old."

As a child, she would walk around the house in makeup, heels, and nail polish. When her mother, Angela, and stepfather, Chris, found out about this, they put a stop to it.

"They didn't understand what I was," Kairah said. "We lived in a rough area and they thought I would be bullied."

Her parents' reaction made things harder for young Tyler, who began feeling isolated and had a hard time fitting in with the other boys at school.

At age 11, Tyler came out to his mother as bisexual. Then, two years later, he came out to friends and family as gay.

"I didn't feel confident after coming out as gay," Kairah revealed. "I felt like there was something missing."

At age 14, the teen discovered a video on YouTube about a transgender woman who said she felt "trapped in the wrong body." Kairah immediately identified with the feeling.

In January 2015, Kairah came out to her best friend as transgender. In school, the two wrote a text message to her mother, fearing her reaction if she came out in person.

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"I didn't know how she'd react in person," she said. "I wrote that message four times, and when I got home I felt different."

As it turned out, Kairah had nothing to be worried about.

"She was really supportive, telling my dad that night. He was accepting. The next morning he told me he loved me for who I was," she recalled."

In September 2015, Kairah came out as transgender publicly in a Facebook post. Since then, she has been in gender identity treatment and hopes to start hormone treatment soon.

Kairah took inspiration in her look from her role model, Kim Kardashian. She got hair extensions, started wearing makeup, and began dressing like the reality star.

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Kairah continued to dress as a boy in school after coming out, until now. She started the new school year by dressing as her true self.

In the future, she hopes to have several surgeries, including a gender reassignment, breast implants, a rhinoplasty, a mini brow lift, and a hairline reduction.

"I love the glamorous look and I've always been a fan of the Kardashians," Kairah said. "They were happy and comfortable with themselves and that's what I've always wanted."

Sources: Daily MailCloser / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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