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Transgender Student Kasey Caron Denied Chance To Run For Homecoming King

A transgender high school senior from Pennsylvania claims that his school will take no action about his request to be listed under the male roster for the school's homecoming court.

Kasey Caron attends Richland High School in Johnstown, Pa., and is an assistant drum major in the school’s marching band. Caron was born a female but is now recognized by his family, friends and the state of Pennsylvania as male.

After Caron’s initial request to be listed on the homecoming ballot as a male was granted, school administrators switched him to the female side of the ticket the day the student body was set to vote.

Caron wrote an op-ed for XO Jane about the situation.

“I was really honored to be given the choice to run on the male ballot,” Caron wrote. “It meant a lot to me. I left the office with a smile, feeling proud. I told all of my friends as soon as I could. The rest of the week, nothing could bring me down. I was being recognized as myself, and it felt so good.”

“Last week, I was told unofficially by the principal and vice principal that the school board had decided to take no action. We are still waiting for something in writing from the board, and if we do not receive anything in the next few days, we plan on registering to attend the next school board meeting. In a few short weeks, this issue has become much more than just a fight about a high school popularity contest. It has become a huge battle for the LGBT community as a whole and the way transgendered people are seen and treated in society. Although I currently am still in the running for homecoming queen rather than king, I have made the issue public.”

No matter what happens, Caron’s mother Kathy is happy that her son has gotten the word out about the situation, reported.

“[Kasey is] dealing well with the situation and does not consider it a loss because his story got out,” Kathy said. “And [he] brought the attention to the LGBT youth in this area and all over — that this is an issue of today, and governments all over, large and small, will have to deal with it sooner or later. He had just hoped that Richland would have been progressive enough to have had a change of heart.”

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