Transgender Student Jeydon Loredo Fights To Have Senior Photo Included In Yearbook (Video)

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A transgender teen in Texas has reportedly been told his photo will not appear in his school’s yearbook because it doesn’t meet “community standards.”

Jeydon Loredo, a La Feria High School senior, identifies as male. Action 4 News reports that he wore a tuxedo in his senior portrait photo shoot, like all the other boys at school, but according to the teen, he was told it wouldn’t be published in their yearbook.

La Feria Independent School District Superintendent Rey Villarreal told his mother that Jeydon’s photograph would be included only if he wore stereotypically feminine attire, such as a drape or blouse, according to South Texas News.

“I’ve lived here my whole life, and I’ve grown up with the kids here,” Loredo said. “I’ve seen those in my community go through troubles, and denying my tuxedo photo would be a way for the district to forget me and everything I’ve brought to this community. The yearbook is for the students, not the faculty or the administration. It is a way for us to remember each other.”

The Human Rights Campaign sent representatives to Texas to join Loredo and his family for a meeting with Villarreal, but according to the family, the superintendent wouldn’t reverse his decision, saying the photo “would offend community standards” and that Loredo could file an appeal to the school board.

The family has hired an attorney who vows to fight to get the photo included in the yearbook.

"We are going to do what is necessary to make sure that Jeydon's portrait is in the yearbook, and that he's in the yearbook wearing a tuxedo like the other boys in his school. We hope that we don’t have to bring a federal lawsuit, but if it becomes necessary we absolutely will take it there," Alesdair Ittelson said.

Sources: South Texas News, Action 4 News


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