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Transgender Performer Lexi Sanfino Strips on Airline, Gets Arrested

Two Canadian transgender performers, Lexi Sanfino (pictured) and Nina Arsenault, have been banned from flying on WestJet of Air Canada after a bizarre incident last Thursday night.

Sanfino reportedly went topless as a form of protest against flight attendants, who questioned her about formerly being a man and makeup tips.

After removing her top and walking down the airline aisle, Sanfino was tackled by airline staff.

"She walked down the aisle with quite a bit of grace and flamboyance and had her arms out and then the flight attendants came and covered her up, saying 'Think about the children!'" Arsenault told

"I guess we're banned from flying, or at least my breasts are, maybe I'll get them removed if they're causing all these problems," said Sanfino.

Police were waiting when their plane landed in Edmonton, Canada. Sanfino was charged with causing a disturbance, while Arsenault was later released without charge. 

Arsenault told the Toronto Star that police threatened to put them in a male-only jail and referred to them as men, which how they are identified on their passports.

"Let’s face it, if you’re legally male, it’s not even illegal to remove your top," Arsenault told the Toronto Star. "I think that was the politics she was exposing. If you’re going to treat me like a male, then I’ll put this in your face. Which begs the question: now am I?"

Sources: and Toronto Star


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