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Transgender Murderer Paris Green Moved From Women's Prison After Sex With Inmates While Still A Man

A pre-operative Scottish transsexual, convicted of a gruesome torture-killing and sent to a women’s prison though he is still a man, has been moved out of that prison because he wouldn’t stop having sex with the female inmates.

Paris Green, 22, who was born with the name Peter Lainge, was one of three men convicted of the brutal killing this March of Robert Shankland, 45, after inviting him to a party at Green’s apartment in the central Scotland town of Glenrothes.

Instead of a party, Green (pictured) and his two accomplices tied Shankland up, then beat and tortured him for hours before murdering him. The victim’s body showed that he had been both strangled with a cord and suffocated with a plastic bag pulled over his head, as well as struck with a rolling pin, kicked and punched.

The killers then sold Shankland’s cell phone and used the money to buy a lunch of ham sandwiches.

They were apprehended after Green excitedly boasted of the murder to a female friend, Maggie Shields. After Green showed her Shankland’s body, she contacted police at her first opportunity.

A judge deemed the crime “utterly depraved.”

"It beggars belief that you could act towards another human being in this way,” Judge John Morris told the killers after announcing their conviction.

Green was sentenced to a minimum of 18 years in prison. But because he says he is transgendered, the Scottish court allowed him to serve his time in a women’s prison and the U.K.’s National Health Service agreed to pay for his gender reassignment surgery.

He has been in Cornton Vale women’s prison only five weeks and has not had the surgery yet. In the meantime, he continued to engage in male-female sexual conduct with other inmates in the prison.

As a result, authorities moved him to a smaller women’s prison where he is kept under observation. Green has also been verbally abusive to prison authorities, attempting to offend them with explicit sexual language.

“Every word that comes out of his mouth is filth,” a Scottish prison source told the Daily Record newspaper. “He’s disgusting.”

Shankland’s parents initially protested the decisions to place Green in a women’s prison and for the government to pay for his sex-change operation, to no avail. On hearing that Green has been moved to another women’s prison, they say they are completely disillusioned.

“The law’s a farce,” said Shankland’s 79-year-old stepfather Ian Bell. “It doesn’t give society any protection.”

SOURCES: Daily Record, The Courier, BBC News


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