Transgender High Schooler Reportedly Forced To Use Storage Unit As A Bathroom

A transgender student at Columbus High School in Kansas who was born female says he is being discriminated against for the decision he made as a freshman to identify as a male. The situation has become so unbearable, he says, that he has even been told by school administrators to refrain from using both the boys’ and girls’ bathroom and to instead use a facility that is actually a storage closet, reports Fox 14.

Damien Greenlee, a junior, says the bathroom he has been assigned to use lacks a lock on the door and has a leaky ceiling. He says school officials told him other students had complained about him and that he could choose to use one of two other restrooms, but that both are located far away from his classes.

“There is a bathroom in the alternative learning center, which is a block away from the school and then there is a bathroom in the agriculture building, which is completely across the school from all of my classes,” Greenlee said. “The teachers have gotten mad at me because I have told them it was going to take me maybe ten minutes to go from class, to the bathroom and back.”

Greelee says his preference would be to use the boys’ bathroom. He added that he would hate for anyone else to have to go through what he is dealing with at his school.

Administrators from Columbus High School declined comment.

Source: Fox 14

Photo Credit: Tylor Reynolds/Flickr, Flickr


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