Transgender Bill Forces Teachers to be 'Identity Keepers' Claims California Family Alliance


The California Family Alliance is opposing a California bill that would protect transgender students from discrimination, but also allow them to use school facilities such as restrooms based upon their gender self-identification.

Assembly Bill 1266 would also permit children to participate in school sports based upon how they self-identify themselves, regardless of physical gender.

The bill passed the California Senate and Assembly in July 2013, and is waiting to be signed by Governor Jerry Brown (D).

The California Family Alliance released a statement opposing the bill, claiming it will force teachers to become "identity keepers."

The statement from California Family Alliance is posted on, which is owned by Focus on the Family, and reads in part:

This bill will create further chaos as teachers will be forced to become identity keepers for a small number of children confused about their identity. That confusion will be exacerbated as thousands of unsuspecting students will suddenly find themselves face to face with opposite sex peers in their bathrooms, changing rooms and showers.

However, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), supports the bill and states:

The bill would allow transgender students to access school accommodations (bathrooms, locker rooms, etc.) that affirm their gender identity, and participate in the same sports teams and other school activities as their peers do. As its name suggests, the bill supports transgender students' success by providing a set of essential protections in California state law.

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