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Transformers Director Offers $50K to Find Puppy-Drowning Girl

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Director and producer Michael Bay is famous for blowing things up in Transformers and Armageddon as well as for remaking horror movies including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and A Nightmare on Elm Street, but when it comes to violence against animals, Michael yells, "Cut!"

Michael pledged $50,000 on his website for the arrest and "successful prosecution" of the person who threw puppies into a river and the person who recorded the footage, which was posted online.

Let's hope that Michael's reward—along with PETA's—brings everyone who was involved in this horrifying act to justice.

People who are cruel to animals often commit acts of violence against their fellow humans as well, so it's crucial that we report known or suspected cruelty to animals to police and animal control officials immediately.

Posted by Lindsay Pollard-Post

See the disturbing Puppy-Drowning video here.


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