Tiger Attacks Trainer In Front Of School Group (Video)


A Florida animal trainer ended up with cuts and scratches during a tiger performance at a state fair (video below).

Shocked onlookers -- most of them children on a school trip -- witnessed Vicenta Pages being attacked by a tiger at the Pensacola Interstate Fair, reports ABC News. 

She had numerous cuts from Gandhi, a 2-year-old Bengal tiger, after it mauled her legs, according to the Daily Mail.

Video of the attack was shared on social media, quickly becoming viral. The video shows a female trainer with the tiger in an confined area while onlookers sit a few feet away, watching from behind a fence.

Gandhi scratches the woman and she falls to the ground. The trainer repeatedly hits the tiger with a rod before it clutches her leg and hauls her across the stage.

A male trainer then comes in and strikes the tiger with a rod until it lets the woman go. 

Pages was rushed to the hospital on Oct. 25 where she underwent surgery due to concerns of an infection, reports WEAR. 

Scott Caputo’s daughter recorded the incident on her tablet. 

“My daughter recorded it on her tablet,” he shared on Facebook with the video. “Holly thinks it was no big deal. I thought it was horrifying.”

The post has been shared over 400 times on Facebook and viewed over 200,000 times on YouTube. 

Pensacola fair officials said Pages had a 3-inch cut on her knee and a gash on her ankle from the attack. 

Pages' fiance and co-owner of the tiger show, David Donnert, stated, “We’re dealing with wild animals here and although we take every precaution, accidents like this sometimes happen. We know the hazards of our job, but we love these beautiful animals and Vicenta will be back as soon as she’s able.”

Pensacola Interstate Fair officials told ABC News that Pages is in stable condition and has been released from hospital.

Pages’ tiger show has been canceled for the remainder of the fair, though all over activities are still in operation. 

Sources: ABC NewsWEAR, Daily Mail / Photo credit: LiveLeak via Daily Mail

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