Train Pulls Into Station With Cyclist’s Corpse Stuck To Front After Dragging Him 25 Miles


Passengers at a French railway station were horrified when a train pulled up to the platform with a dead body stuck to its front.

The 48-year-old cyclist, who wasn’t identified, was struck by the high-speed Train à Grande Vitesse (TVG) train Sunday at a crossing in Petit-Croix.

Traveling up to 200mph the TVG’s driver had no idea that there had been a collision. It stopped about 25 miles later in Mulhouse.

"The body was found, stuck to the front right of the train, out of the driver's vision," said a spokesman for national rail firm SNCF.

He told The Local that kind of collision is “relatively rare.”

The victim’s bicycle was later found at a level crossing.

Unsure of whether it was an accident or a suicide, police are investigating the incident.

Sources: New York Daily News, The Local


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