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Train Hits Semi-Truck Stuck on Tracks (Video)

A Union Pacific train collided with an 18-wheel semi-truck yesterday in Chowchilla, Calif., near Highway 99.

The collision was captured on a cell phone video (below).

The train was reportedly carrying hundreds of military vehicles from Ft. Lewis, Wash., to Fort Irwin, Calif.

The semi-truck driver waved his arms to stop the train, but the train kept on coming and crashed into the massive truck, sending its trail mix cargo flying down the tracks.

"The truck was right in front of us, maybe another five or ten seconds we would have been in this truck lane, we would have been destroyed, we would have been killed in this," witness Robert Thissen told ABC 30.

Boxes and bags of trail mix were spilled everywhere but The Daily Dot noted that no one was injured.

Sources: ABC 30The Daily Dot



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