Train Cuts 18-Wheeler Truck in Half (Video)


An unidentified truck driver accidentally got his 18-wheeler stuck on some train tracks in Harris County, Texas.

Fortunately, the driver was able to get out of his truck before a train smashed it in half this morning (video below).

According to KHOU, the 18-wheeler may have been hauling an industrial generator for an oil rig on its flatbed trailer when it was slammed by the locomotive.

A train engineer suffered minor injuries and was taken to North Cypress Hospital.

Harris County Deputies say the intersection will be closed down for some time, the train was not moveable and some guard rails were damaged.

The train collided with the truck and dragged it at least half a mile, Drew Peters, Midland Fire Department battalion chief, told

The crash is being investigation, but the truck driver has not yet been cited.

Gene Powell, public information officer for the Texas Department of Transportation, said the accident caused about 100 gallons of diesel fuel to spill.

Source: KHOU and


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