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Train Altercation Between New York Man And Woman Hits The Internet

While New York City trains have always had a less-than-stellar reputation, a recent batch of videos depicting altercations between men and women is not painting city transportation in the best light.

The latest video to emerge from a Manhattan train focuses on one such scuffle between a man and a middle-aged woman.

From the video, it can be assessed that the man in question was not pleased when the older woman latched her hand to the rail, allegedly “too close” to his girlfriend's face.  

"You going to put your f------ hand right in front of my girlfriend's face? She's right here, you have no f------ common sense,” the man yelled. He continued on to prod the woman, keeping the argument alive by taking the matter one step further with every outburst.

"You're lucky I don't slap the s--- out of you,” the man said to the woman.

Instead of the situation calming down with a simple apology or explanation of the misconstrued actions, the woman didn’t do herself any favors by replying, "Yes, go ahead; go ahead and slap me."

Throughout the video the man’s girlfriend, who was the catalyst for the incident, can be heard trying to calm her boyfriend. While she pleads with him intently, trying to cool the hot tempers, it is to no avail as the altercation becomes more physical in nature.

The man and woman both lunge at each other, squaring up for different angles of attack. The man can be seen trying to grab the woman’s throat, while she attempts to strike him in the face.

Onlookers were able to break up the altercation before anything more serious could transpire. According to the NYPD, no police reports or criminal accusations were filed the night of the incident.

While this miniature brawl was not as blatant as the viral video of a man on the F Train slapping a woman in the face, it does bring the issue of safety into question. Most passengers simply wish to get from point A to point B, with as little disruption as humanly possible.

Source: New York Daily News / Photo Credit: WikiCommons


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