"trailer trash parenting" is child abuse

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I would also like to see screaming kids and their parents separated from the rest of us who would like peace on our travels, but not to be forced on other parents with children who are well behaved.  They should be put in a quarantined area with a parenting counselor who will help them realize that to not discipline is to abuse or harm the child.  Someday that child will have to submit to authority or pay the consequences.  It is better to be disciplined as a child, by a parent who loves them, than to be thrown in jail or worse by a stranger who could not possibly know their circumstances or personality.  I'd say, most of the time, the parents need counseling anyway. 

Better yet, would be to require the adult traveling with a child to read and sign a form stating they will keep the child as quiet and happy as possible without disturbing other passengers, and if the child does become unruly and disturbing, they will agree to talk with a counselor(at their own expense) about ways to change the behavior or traveling another way. 

Even animals can make the offspring be quiet for their safety sake. 


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