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Trail Of Blood Leads To Body Hidden Under San Antonio Home

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An investigation is underway after workers discovered a body underneath a San Antonio, Texas, house they were renovating.

Workers renovating the house on Aug. 7 found a trail of blood inside that lead to the backyard and began to follow it. The trail led to a body wrapped in a blanket underneath the home, reports KSAT. The victim was identified as 20-year-old Jonathan Hernandez. 

Police believe Hernandez’s death to be recent, as workers said they didn’t notice anything wrong or suspicious while renovating the house the week before. Upon further investigation, authorities discovered that the back door had been kicked in. Neighbors also reported suspicious activity at the home in the early morning hours on the same day the body was discovered.

“At first I thought it was the trees. And I was watching scary movies, so I thought that's what it was, but no,” neighbor Arena Thompson told Fox San Antonio. When her dog began barking, Thompson said she got a feeling that something was going on.

“I was looking through the blinds because we have one cracked blind. I was looking, and I saw shadows going past the window,” she told reporters. 

For Thompson, the horrific crime hits too close to home. 

“You right next door! I mean, there's somebody dead next door,” she said. “You try not to — there's a cemetery over there. That's where dead people are supposed to be, not in houses under the porch, wrapped in blankets."

Sources: Fox San Antonio, KSAT / Photo credit: KSAT


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