Man Dies Of Broken Heart After Losing Wife, Job And Dog


A 77-year-old Siberian man has allegedly died of a broken heart after losing his beloved German Shepherd during a series of tragic events.

Vladimir Davydov died after losing his job, his wife, and finally, his dog. 

Davydov searched vigorously for his German Shepherd, Yan, whom he believed may have been stolen, after suffering through losing his wife and his job as a night watchman.

Before he passed, Davydov told Life With Dogs that he was determined to find his "only friend in this life."

He took to the streets daily to find Yan and printed up a sign to wear around his neck that said "Help me find my friend." He walked, on crutches, in freezing weather in order to be reunited with his best friend.

Tragically, Davydov and Yan were never reunited, and the man died April 1. The two were together for 10 years.

"I never expected there'd be so many kind people in our town - they all come up to me and talk, ask how it's going, console me," he told Life With Dogs before his death.

Daria Taraninoka had volunteered to help Davydov find Yan, and now she has started an online campaign to raise money for a monument in his honor. According to Daily Mail, more than $1,100 has been raised so far.

Sources: Life With DogsDaily Mail / Photo credit: Life With Dogs

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