Tractor Trailer Crashes Into Overpass (Video)

A community college student recently filmed a tractor trailer crashing on a Long Island, N.Y. parkway where tractor trailers are banned because some of the overpasses are too low.

Nabil Azad filmed the accident (video below) from the safety of his Volvo on Wednesday on the Meadowbrook State Parkway.

In the video, the rooftop of the tractor trailer is destroyed by the impact, sending debris all over the road.

Azad drove up to the disabled truck to find the driver dazed, but apparently unharmed.

"I was like, 'Holy [expletive],'" Azad told Newsday. "I thought he would have hit the first [bridge], then the second one. When he got under both of those, I thought maybe he could do this. He hit the third one."

"He was just walking back and forth, stunned," added Azad. "You could tell he was distraught... He was just mumbling stuff."

Azad wrote on his YouTube page:

Earlier today, as I was driving, I saw a tractor trailer driving down the parkway in the right lane. I knew that something was about to happen, and I immediately started recording. Soon after I started recording, the truck struck an overpass, and was obliterated. I pulled over to make sure the driver was okay. He was fine, but clearly upset.

Sources: Newsday and YouTube


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