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Tracey Grissom Convicted Of Murder, But Judge Didn't Allow Graphic Domestic Violence Photos In Trial

Alabama woman Tracey Grissom, convicted of murdering her ex-husband, had graphic photographs of domestic violence injuries that she sustained. She claimed these would have proved that she feared for her life and shot him in self-defense; however, a judge refused to move these images into evidence, reports the Daily Mail.

Tracey admitted that she shot her ex-husband, Hunter Grissom, in May 2012. She claimed self-defense, explaining that she was a victim of domestic abuse and feared for her safety.

She was in her car in a parking lot, she said, when Hunter came toward her in an aggressive way, so she shot him.

"If I had not [pulled the trigger], I would have been dead. I believe that 100 percent,” she told CBS.

However, her account of the events did not match others. When eye witnesses testified that they saw Hunter running away from Tracey, and not to her as she claimed, a judge decided to withhold the photographs of her alleged brutal domestic abuse, reports the Daily Mail.

The photographs back up her accounts of her increasingly violent ex-husband, who had started hitting her shortly before they separated, according to Tracey.

On Nov. 22, 2010, after the couple divorced, Hunter went to Tracey's house to take care of their children. When she told him that she had spent the night with a new boyfriend, he told her he was going to kill her and took her to the bedroom, bound her legs, raped her and threw her against the bathtub, she said.

When she regained consciousness after passing out, she saw that that Hunter had left and her children were asleep.

“I called Hunter,” she said. “I told him that I was bleeding and that I was hurt and that I needed help. And he told me: ‘F*** you. I hope you die.’”

She went to the hospital and later pressed charges against Hunter for rape, sodomy, kidnapping and domestic violence.

She took pictures of her injuries, sent them to her friend, and bought a gun around this time.

After the trial, a juror saw the graphic images of Tracey’s abuse in a newspaper and said that they would have “hung the jury” if the judge had admitted them.

Sources: Daily Mail, CBS
Photo Credit: Screenshot/CBS


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