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Toys R Us Surveillance Video Shows Parents Using Children To Help Them Steal (Video)

Several years ago, I used to work as a sales associate at an auto parts store. In addition to car parts, we also sold dirt bikes and ATV’s. I’ll never forget the day a customer used his infant daughter as a decoy to steal one of the dirt bikes.

I was walking around the sales floor when I saw the man and his daughter walk in. The daughter walked up to me and asked if I could show her where the bathroom was. I said of course and walked her over. I was gone for maybe two or three minutes. When I got back, the father was waiting for his daughter and said he was ready to leave. They left, and I assumed he didn’t want to buy anything. But a few minutes later I looked up at the dirt bike rack and noticed a bike was missing.

My manager and I took a look at the security video. Sure enough, as soon as I walked his daughter to the bathroom, the man wheeled one of the dirt bikes right out the door. It was a slow morning and only two people were scheduled, so no one saw him do it.

I thought what happened must have been incredibly rare, but I’ve since seen several stories in the news of parents using their children to help them steal. Here’s a new one for you.

Surveillance video out of a Boca Raton, Florida Toys R Us shows a family of nine using their children to help steal a number of tech devices from the store. On the video (see below) the children are seen removing security devices from the merchandise before the family walks out of the store with the stolen goods.

The Baca Raton Sheriff’s office confirms that the children were told by their parents to remove the security devices. The family has not been identified at this time, and police are actively investigating the issue.

Here’s video of the family-organized theft:

Source: WPTV


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