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Toyota Exec Embraces Obama's 62 MPG Goal

Unlike many in the auto industry, at least one executive at Toyota is praising the Obama administration's proposal to raise fuel-economy standards to as high as 62 miles per gallon. The plan would require incremental changes from 2017-2025 until vehicles meet goals of between 47 mpg and 62 mpg.

"That's the direction Toyota is already going," said Toyota Vice President Jim Colon. "Whatever goal they establish, Toyota will be prepared."

Speaking at the Washington auto show, Colon said the administration is “engaged” and that its intention to formalize the rules by the summer of 2012 is "exciting."

Colon's comments conflict with the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, which includes Toyota, Detroit's Big 3 automakers, Volkswagen and seven other companies. Last October, the Alliance commented on the U.S. administration's plan, saying that it was “based on very preliminary and incomplete data at this point, and inevitably will change.”

Toyota spokeswoman Martha Voss seemed to echo that earlier statement. She said the company is not endorsing the 62 mpg figure just yet. She said Toyota considers it too early to pinpoint an exact number until more studies are complete.


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