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Toyota Camry More American than Detroit's Cars

The Toyota Camry may be a "foreign" car, but it is apparently more American than any car Detroit is cranking out.

According to a report from Automotive News, the Camry tops the annual "American-Made Index," which "ranks U.S.-assembled vehicles based on the percentage of their parts made in the United States and the number of vehicles sold to domestic consumers."

This is the third straight year the Camry has topped the list.

"The Camry remains an incredibly popular vehicle, and higher total sales require a higher number of U.S. factory workers and a larger number of U.S. suppliers -- all of which contribute to Toyota's ranking," editor-in-chief Patrick Olsen said in a statement.

80% of the Camry's parts are made domestically. Every car in the top ten had at least 75% domestic parts.

The Ford Explorer actually had the highest at 85%, but because far fewer of them were sold, it is ranked lower.

Here is the list:

1) Toyota Camry
2) Honda Accord
3) Chevrolet Malibu
4) Ford Explorer
5) Honda Odyssey
6) Toyota Sienna
7) Jeep Wrangler
8) Chevrolet Traverse
9) Toyota Tundra
10) GMC Acadia

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