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Toxicology Report Shows Trace Levels Of Drugs In Michael Hastings' Body At Time Of Accident

An autopsy report on deceased journalist Michael Hastings was released today. The report found trace levels of amphetamine and marijuana in Hastings’ system at the time of the crash, but said that it is unlikely that either substance could have contributed to the crash.

The level of amphetamine and marijuana in Hastings’ blood indicates that he may have taken the drugs the night before his crash.

The report listed Hastings’ cause of death as massive blunt force trauma, and the coroner determined that he likely died within seconds of the impact. According to the report, the levels of drugs in his system were "unlikely to have an intoxicative effect at the time of the accident.”

In the report, the coroner says that Hastings began using drugs in recent months after being sober for 14 years. Several of Hasting’s family members spoke with investigators about his re-surfaced drug use. The family planned to hold an “intervention” with Hastings, during which they would encourage him to enlist in a detox program.

Hastings’ death has ignited widespread discussion across the internet, with many believing that the government may have played a role in his crash. Hastings’, who has reported on many corrupt government activities in the past, told a colleague shortly before his death the he was working on a new story involving CIA Director John Brennan.  He contacted WikieLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before his death and told her that the FBI was investigating him. The FBI denies ever investigating Hastings. 

Sources: Fox News, ABC News, US News


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