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Towson University Baseball Team Removes School Name From Jerseys After Program Gets Cut

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After Towson University in Maryland announced it was getting rid of its baseball program, the players removed "Towson" from their uniforms by covering the school’s name with black duct tape. "We don't support Towson, so we don't want to wear something that says 'Towson,'" said catcher Zach Fisher.

The school is cutting the men’s soccer team as well, ending the dreams of about 65 college athletes, at least temporarily. The moves will save the school about $800,000.

All the scholarships that the university handed out will still be honored but baseball coach Mike Gottlieb will still try to place players who want to continue their careers at other schools. Towson officials were so nervous about the announcement that they contacted the police prior to going public with the news, reports Yahoo Sports.

Gottlieb is skeptical about the motivation behind the cuts.

"What concerns me is that they apparently have the philosophy that whatever sports we have, we're going to have the infrastructure to have a legitimate chance to win a championship," said Gottlieb. "I can appreciate that. Probably that's the way it is in the ACC, the Southeastern Conference and the Pac-12. There are a lot of mid-major programs in the country that don't have those resources.”

He continued:

"There was a time not long ago when it was about giving kids the experience with a combination of education and athletics. We didn't have the support we needed to be great, but looking back, a lot of kids loved their experience here. I've had a deluge of that support over the last 24 hours. ... They seem to think that if you're fully funded, you're going to always win. It doesn't work that way."

Gottlieb is a Towson alum. He took over the baseball program in 1988. His teams have had winning records in 14 of the past 16 seasons.

Source: (Yahoo Sports)


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