Town Votes to Fire Gun-Loving, Liberal-Hating Police Chief Mark Kessler

Gilberton, Pa. council members voted 6-1 to fire Police Chief Mark Kessler in a closed-door disciplinary hearing on Thursday.

Kessler was originally suspended without pay by the town council on July 31 after he created several YouTube videos that showed him cursing about liberals and shooting at targets that he named after Secretary of State John Kerry and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

According NBC Philadelphia, Kessler said outside the disciplinary hearing that he had nothing to apologize for, while his attorney said council members based their decision on trumped-up allegations.

The police chief plans to plead his case as to why he should keep is $33k per year job at an upcoming public hearing, notes PennLive.com.

Kessler was originally suspended over misuse of the guns, which are city property, even though he donated the weapons to the city.

The embattled chief is also accused of making vulgar statements online about council members that voted to suspend him.

On a new video, he fired a gun at two clown targets that he called by two council members’ first names.

Council members also say that Kessler used a state purchasing program to buy discounted tires for his personal car and failed to submit crime data.

Kessler and his attorney said they will likely appeal his termination through the courts.

Source: PennLive.com and NBC Philadelphia


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