Army Veteran Saves America's National Bird (Video)


A Minnesota Army veteran warmed the hearts of many after he saved the life of one of America's national birds, an eagle, tied to a tree.

Despite the fact neighbors called the police after seeing the helpless eagle, nobody would help, reports.

“Everyone had the same answer,” said Jackie Galvin, wife of Jason, the veteran who saved the day, reports WCCO. “They had known about the eagle there for 2 1/2 days and they couldn’t do anything. Safety measures were compromised. It was a liability issue.”

It looked as if the eagle would be left to die -- that is, until veteran Jason Galvin came along.

“At a certain point I was like, ‘You know what? It’s going to die. I’ve got to get that thing out,'” Jason said.

Given the fact Jason served two tours in Afghanistan, he knew he had the experience to shoot at the rope and possibly succeed.

It was a risky move, however -- one missed shot in the wrong direction, and the eagle could be killed.

Yet Jason, his wife says, was determined to succeed.

“I said, we’re probably just going to have to let it be there,” she said to him at the time. “He just wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

Upon gaining official approval, Jason took out his 0.22 rifle and began shooting at the rope and branch tied to the eagle’s leg.

“It was weird shooting in the direction of a bald eagle,” he said. “I was very nervous. I didn’t want to hit that bird.”

“I had to bust down and expose the rope and chip away,” he added.

Yet after an hour and a half and 150 shots, Jason’s perseverance paid off: the eagle was free.

“We watched it fall into the branches. It was a perfect fall,” Jackie said.

Wrapping it up in a blanket, officials then took over.

“The neighbors nicknamed it Freedom. It was up to us to free it. It’s Fourth of July weekend, so Freedom’s the name,” Jason said.

Authorities say the bird is now expected to survive.

Sources: LittleThings.comWCCO / Photo credit:  Therightclicks/Wikimedia Commons

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