Town Mails Dog Defecation to Pet Owners Who Don't Clean Up


Brunete, Spain is sending dog defecation back to pet owners in an official box marked "Lost Property."

A team of twenty volunteers walk around the town in search of dog owners who fail to pick up their dog's treats.

Volunteers will then approach a pet owner under the guise of casual conversation to get the name of the dog, which is stored in a pet database in the town hall.

The volunteers proceed to package the dog excrement and mail it back to the pet owner's home, notes The Telegraph.

A total of 147 disgusting deliveries were made during one week in February, but it apparently worked. Brunete has seen a 70 percent drop in the amount of dog defecation on the streets.

Last year, Brunete dog owners were chased by a remote-controlled device containing the dog excrement. The mechanical device had a label that read: "Don't leave me – pick me up."

Source: The Telegraph


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