Town Bans People Who Smell Bad from City Hall, Library (Video)


Burien, WA, passed a new law last month that bans people who smell bad from public areas, such as city hall, the public library and parks.

Under the new ordinance, police can ban people from public places for up to a year.

"People will, unfortunately, have such a bodily odor that it's very hard for other patrons to be in that same space," Burien City Manager Kamuron Gurol told KIRO 7 (video below).

People can also be banned for using obscene language and not wearing enough clothing, under the new law, noted WMUR.

However, the bad smell part of the law is unconstitutional claims the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) because it targets homeless people.

"This one is too vague and gives police too much discretion," Doug Honig, of the ACLU, told KIRO 7. "Some people can be offended by other people’s perfumes, but it’s hard to believe that a well-dressed middle-class woman is going to be booted out of a library for her perfume. Meanwhile, a homeless person is much more likely to be targeted.”

Sources: WMUR, KIRO 7


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