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Tourists Watch Crocodile Eat Shark

Quite a treat for boatloads of tourists in Australia -- they got to watch a crocodile eat a shark. It happened Saturday morning in a river in Kakadu National Park in the northern Australia.

The first question you might ask -- since when do sharks live in rivers? Well, apparently anything goes in Australia, because tour guide Dean Cameron wasn't surprised to see a shark that far into a freshwater river system.

"With the wildlife here you just don't know what you'll get to see," he said. "That's the beauty of it."

Cameron says he sees such a spectacle about once a year. But one thing he still hasn't seen is an actual crocodile-shark attack.

"It would have been amazing to see -- very wild footage," he said."The croc would've taken the shark at night and then it would've had to take it to the bank to eat it."

And that's the part the tourists on two tour boats got to see -- the big feast. "Nearly 100 people saw it all up and they were jumping for joy," he said. "They said this had made their Kakadu trip."


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