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Crocodile Bites Selfie-Taking Tourist

A Siamese crocodile in Kho Yai National Park, Thailand, bit a French tourist after she posed to take a selfie with it.

Benetulier Lesuffleur, 47, was bitten when she tripped while posing to take a photograph with the crocodile, the Daily Mail reports.

"She wanted to take selfie with the crocodile who was lying down near a stream," said a park official, the Independent reports. "It was startled [when she tripped] and bit her on her on the leg. I guess that she wanted to see it for real."

Park officials add Lesuffleur and her husband took the photo despite warning signs to stay away.

Although the woman is still in hospital with a large wound on her thigh, she is expected to make a full recovery.

Unfortunately, a woman in Russia trying to take a selfie with a dangerous animal was not as lucky. That woman went into a coma after being bitten by the cobra she was trying to take a selfie with, the Mirror reports.

Police arrested the man who convinced her to do so: 34-year-old Oliver Matveyev.

The man says he offers to take photos of people with the snake as a part of selfie business he ran.

"I don't understand it, the snake had never bitten anyone before," he said.

Authorities arrested him after it was revealed he did not have a license for the snake. He also had not removed its venom and had no antivenom with him.

Both incidents are just some of the many times somebody's tried to take a selfie and ended up in the hospital -- or worse, dead.

Priceonomics reports that since 2014, 49 people have died in selfie incidents, most of whom were young men in their 20s.

"It's all about me," explains Ohio State University researcher Jesse Fox. "It's putting me in the frame. I'm getting attention and when I post that to social media, I'm getting the confirmation that I need from other people that I'm awesome. You're not thinking about the consequences of your actions, so who cares if you're dangling off the side of the Eiffel Tower?"

Sources: Daily Mail, Independent, MirrorPriceonomics / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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