Woman's Dismembered Body Found In Tote Bag


A fisherman in Kentucky discovered the dismembered remains of a missing woman floating inside a tote bag in the Green River on July 23.

Police have identified the body as belonging to 22-year-old Kristen Edwards, WDRB reports.

"The closer we got to it, the smell, it really wasn't right," said George Bruton, who was also present, WTVF reports.

"I've never seen someone dismembered like that," added Bruton, a former member of the Hart County Rescue Squad.  "It was cut in sections so they could fit it in the bag."

Edwards was the mother of two children, one of whom is less than a year old.

Local residents were upset at the news.

"It's shocking, it's awfully upsetting something like that would happen around here," said Kaye Faulkner, a cashier at a local convenience store.

"They've got another Charles Manson on their hands is what it sounds like," added local resident Betty Sue Gossett.

“Somehow I know there’s more to life than this,” wrote Edwards in her last Facebook post, shared by her family after she went missing.

Edwards’ friends say they are baffled as to what would motivate somebody to hurt her.

"Last time I talked to her was July 11 or 12. Nothing out of the ordinary to think she was in any kind of harm or nothing,” said friend Cameron Kendall.

"It takes a cruel mind to do something like that,” he added.

Police have not revealed any suspects or motive.

"She never caused any kind of harm or drama. She was never about no trouble. Just a quiet girl. A country girl,” Kendall said.

"I wish the person that did it would come forward and ... do the right thing,” he added.

Sources: WDRBWTVF / Photo credit: WDRB  

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