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Toshiba Expands Recall Of Laptop Battery Packs

On Jan. 4, Toshiba announced the expansion of a recall of battery packs for its laptop computers.

The new announcement, made by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, adds an additional 83,000 batteries to the 91,000 already recalled, Consumerist reported.

The initial recall included batteries in 39 laptop models, such as the Portege, Satellite, and Tecra. It was made on March 30, 2016, after the company received four consumer complaints of battery packs overheating or melting. No injuries were reported in any of the complaints.

Since then, another complaint was received. The latest recall includes batteries from 41 laptops.

The computers involved were sold between June 2011 and November 2016. Toshiba warned that other users could be affected if they bought battery packs separately or had their computers serviced.

Customers can find out if their battery is affected by checking its part number. These numbers are printed on the battery packs. Those included in the recall begin with G71C.

Toshiba recommends that any customer whose battery pack is on the list should immediately power off their laptop and remove the battery. They should only use the computer on AC power until a new battery pack has been received.

Toshiba is not the only company to have been impacted by battery pack problems. The recall came just a week after KIRO reported an incident where an HP laptop battery exploded.

The owner of the computer said she heard a pop and a big boom.

“The battery just shot straight out of it and that’s the piece that was on fire,” said Cassandra Etherington, KIRO reported.

Last summer, HP issued its own recall of batteries from its laptops, but Etherington’s was not affected by the announcement.

Sources: Consumerist, KIRO / Photo credit: PCWorld

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