California Woman Escapes Attacker By Pleading For Help On Facebook

A California woman was rescued from a violent rape and torture situation after posting messages on Facebook, police reported.

The Plumas Lake woman posted messages on pages seen by her friends, who then alerted law enforcement, according to Yuba County Sheriff's deputies.

The woman had been in a long-term relationship with a 46-year-old man identified as Parrish Heavens and had lived with him for several years. About one week ago, she filed a restraining/protective order against Heavens.

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On Thursday, the woman returned home to find Heavens in her home. He reportedly forced her into the bedroom and sexually assaulted her before cutting her face several times, KSDK reports.

Heavens then reportedly used the knife on himself, which caused cuts and puncture wounds to his throat. When Heavens left the bedroom with the woman's phone, the woman managed to lock herself into the bathroom with her tablet and post to Facebook for help.

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A friend who saw the posts alerted Yuba City Police and county sheriff’s deputies. When authorities arrived, they found the woman locked in her bathroom. Heavens had already left the home, though he was later arrested. The woman was taken to the hospital to be treated.

Heavens was also treated at a hospital, but will be charged with mayhem, torture, rape, assault and a number of other offenses when he is released.

Sources: KSDK, CBS News

Photo Credit: Imgur, Facebook


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