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Toronto Woman Calls Cop to Shut Down Autistic 9-Year-Old's Lemonade Stand

Police arrived at a 9-year-old autistic boy’s lemonade stand recently after a woman in his Toronto-area neighborhood called 911 on him.

Corbin Potter and his two sisters had set up the lemonade stand to raise money for SickKids — a hospital charity — like they have each July 1 for the past several years, according to the Toronto Sun.

The neighborhood woman apparently approached Corbin twice before calling the cops, reports the Inquistr.

First, she told him to stop yelling and holding up a sign to attract customers to his stand. Next, she tried to bribe him by offering him $5 to shut down his stand.

But Corbin said $5 would not be enough for SickKids. He and his sisters eventually raised $135 that day.

After the woman placed an emergency call, a cop came and insisted the three children close down the stand because they did not have a license.

The encounter with the cop brought Corbin to tears because he thought his mother was going to be arrested because of his lemonade stand.

When the cop left, however, the stand continued to operate. Dawn Potter, Corbin’s mother, joined her children in holding up the lemonade stand sign.

Sources: Inquisitr, Toronto Sun


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