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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Filmed Dancing With Gospel Choir (Video)

Ever controversial Toronto mayor Rob Ford was filmed at the predominantly black West Toronto Church of God on Sunday, where he danced and sang in front of the congregation.

Ford danced with parishioners and shouted “hallelujah” with the crowd.

One churchgoer suggested that the mayor smelled “like ganja”.

In response to the video, one Twitter user wrote that no one sweats for his constituents like Ford.

The video was posted just days after Ford’s supporters raised $50,000 to help pay for his legal bills.

"It’s time for Torontonians to stand up and say enough is enough. We now have to stand against these special interest bullies and show them that this harassment has to stop,” the fundraising page reads.

Since making headlines in October for smoking crack cocaine, Ford has become a media sensation. His drug and alcohol abuse, denials of both, and outrageous comments eventually led to the Toronto City Council stripping him of his mayoral privileges.

Ford has since declined to resign from his position.

Sources: NY Daily News, Daily Mail


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