Toronto Man Finds Cockroach in Subway Sandwich, Fights Back Through Twitter


Patrick Balfour discovered that the footlong turkey sandwich he ordered at a Subway in Sudbury, Ontario was seasoned with an extra little crunch, and no, it wasn’t an added vegetable – it was a cockroach.

He has spent the past year trying to get Subway to acknowledge the disgusting discovery. When he first found the roach in his sandwich 11 months ago, he immediately threw the sandwich away without, unfortunately, documenting it first.

“I was [disgusted] and got rid of the sub as soon as possible,” he wrote in an email. “I never thought it would drag on this long or that I’d ever need a photo of a dead cockroach.”

After making his stomach-turning discovery, he directed several tweets @SubwayOntario. When the company finally responded, it was to ask him for his contact information, which Balfour supplied.

However, the company failed to contact him within 10 days, prompting Balfour to again reach out to them. And, yet again, Subway responded with the same message.

When @SubwayCanada launched a new advertising initiative on Twitter, Balfour decided to use the platform to try to get in touch with the company anew. He spent $90 to have an ad posted on the social media network.

“I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to tell a story that they should want to hear,” he has said. “I don’t want money, I don’t want subs. All I know is that the way they currently use social media is not doing them any favors.”

The fact that Subway has a Twitter but refuses to engage with customers through it is, Balfour said, “like having a phone line and when someone calls to ask a question you tell them they have to ask in person.”

Subway Canada has yet to comment on the situation.

The rest of the Twitter community, however, hasn’t been quite as quiet. Ever since Balfour promoted his tweet, it’s been retweeted dozens of times and multiple people have shared their own Subway horror stories. Someone even created the parody Twitter account @SubwayCockorach.


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