Toronto Fashion Week Gets an Eyeful

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Animals killed for their skins don't get to choose whether or not to shed their coats (and it's pretty obvious what their choice would be if they did). Humans do have a choice, however, and three PETA protesters chose to shed their coats, and pretty much everything else, to remind Toronto Fashion Week attendees that every fur coat, leather shoe, snakeskin bag, and wool sweater caused animals tremendous suffering.

Volunteers handed out leaflets describing the cruelty of the fur and leather industries, such as bludgeoning and electrocuting animals and sometimes even skinning them alive.

For the compassionate beauties who braved the cold, the demonstration raised some chill bumps, but they said the awareness they also raised was worth it. To see how easy it is to be warm and warm-hearted, check out PETA's Compassionate Clothing Guide. Paparazzi aren't included, but you'll still turn heads.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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