Toronto Family Finds Unwelcome, Unexpected Guest In Their Home


It sounds like a an episode of Ghost Hunters: glasses inexplicably falling off of tables, chairs being knocked over in the night, decorations falling off of walls. For a week, Rachel Leck and her family thought they were being paid a paranormal visit in their Toronto home.

“We thought we had a ghost,” Leck told the National Post. “It was to the point that I actually thought that we maybe had a small earthquake in the middle of the night. It was totally bizarre.”

One evening, as she sat down to watch television, Leck came face to face with her house’s occupier. It was no ghost, though. Leck and her family had been living with a 10-foot Burmese python.

“There was some screams and there was some swearing,” Leck told the Post.

She called Animal Control and rushed her son outside. There, it sank in what she’d been living with for the last week.

“I was a bit creeped out by this … You couldn’t pay me to go back inside,” she said.

Keep in mind that Leck and her family live in Toronto, not Florida. The only place they’d ever expect to see a python is on Animal Planet.

It is believed that the snake was someone’s pet before being released. On Monday, police asked the public to help them track down the snake’s owner.

Sources: National Post, WGAL


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