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Toronto Craigslist Ad Seeks Tuba Player To Follow Rob Ford Around (Video)

An ad posted on the Toronto Craigslist seeks to hire a musician to follow Mayor Rob Ford around City Hall while playing the tuba.

“I'm looking for hire a person to follow Rob Ford around for one day while playing a tuba,” the ad says, comparing it to the “Family Guy” segment below.

The ad offers $125 for eight hours of work.

“You must be able to provide your own tuba. A trombone would also be acceptable,” it says.

The ad says the tuba player must wear a GoPro camera, provided by the poster, and a @UnethicalHacks t-shirt.

The UnethicalHacks website lists a number of unethical ways to get what you want. For instance:

  • “If you get lousy service at a restaurant, you can sometimes get away with paying a negative tip … Write a negative tip and deduct it from the total.”
  • “If someone is battling you for the arm rest on an airplane cough into that arm then put it back.”
  • “Car in longterm parking? Walk up to the ticket machine and grad a new ticket to present on your way out.”

Sources: Torontoist, Regator


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